Exhibition Hall in a time before COVID-19

Sure there will always be a need for virtual events but can they ever really replace the buzz, creativity and sheer vibrancy of a live event?

Many people in our events industry are becoming profits of doom. They are saying that video conferencing has finally proven itself, and meeting face to face with your clients will become a thing of the past, even after the whole COVID-19 affair.

But at 15RocksLtd, we believe in the principle of “Lindy”. That old, proven technologies will usually outlive modern iterations. New technology is often replaced by newer technology. 8-Track is replaced the cassette tape, which is replaced by the CD, followed by the mini-disc, and the MP3 file. Where as vinyl was the original format, it is still for sale today. There are many other examples of the Lindy effect, but the one relevant to us is the “Event Industry.”

We are told that people will no longer be willing to travel to events, knowing that they can get the information online, that they can get virtual delegate lists and they can save thousands in travel and accomodation costs.

However, these qualities of online events have been true for a long time now but the fact remains nothing can substitute for building relationships face-to-face.

Have you ever had a long-distance relationship where you’ve spent hours with your partner on the phone, only to worry what they’re up to once you hung up? Make no mistake, if you are not wining and dining your clients, your competitors will be.

Once the dust has settled and the post Covid 19 landscape starts to become clearer, the need for audience engagement and face to face interaction will be more prevalent than ever.

There’s no doubting that an online meeting can be efficient. Take the collaboration between UCL and the Mercedes Formula 1 team who together successfully developed a new breathing aid to help patients suffering with Covid 19 in unfathomably quick time.

However the virtual meeting space can never sufficiently replicate the experiences garnered from attending a live event, nor does it claim to do so. We love interacting with people and live events provide an unrivalled platform for networking with potential clients and discovering new technologies.

Duncan Strain; Director & Owner at Silent Noize Events / Silent Seminars

In the time of COVID-19, we are offering our customers a chance to make an impression on the clients through creative merchandising, but we must always be aware that meeting in person is where it is at.

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