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Creating Brand Moments that Last

April 2020

It’s usually easy to find a simple item and get it branded, but giveaways are such an integral marketing form at major events that creating a brand moment that lasts requires a little more consideration. For an event attendee, there is nothing more satisfying than rifling through your loot bag on the journey home, or once back at home, to discover the range of goodies you have amassed over a busy few days networking.

These items that many potential clients gravitate to boast a triple benefit:

  1. Depending on what the items are, clients may look at them immediately, or simply place it in their bag to view later with the rest of the goods they intend to collect during the day.
  2. The item may not be important to them but they can pass it on to someone else in the office, or at home, that may ultimately be interested in the item – and consequently, your brand.
  3. The item’s usefulness in the visitor’s life determines how long your brand lingers in their home or office. For instance, a leaflet is immediately discarded if it’s irrelevant, whereas nifty gadgets could be retained and kept for continuous future use.

All these elements should be considered when thinking about which items you decide to give away at your next event, as well as the following:


What type of customer are you trying to reach via your stand at the event, and what are their typical working habits? 


Which new gadgets and supplies have been introduced to the industry in the past 6 months? By identifying useful or popular products, you can boost the interest to your stand.


Some visitors like to find gifts that they may not necessarily use, but can then re-gift and give to friends, colleagues or family. 


Items that can be carried around and easy to pack can become a travelling necessity for your prospective clients. For instance a charging bank, passport holder or reusable hot drinks cannister.


A product that can be borrowed or immediately doubles your visibility as the visitor who obtained it then can use with others who are visible to your brand. Duel headphones for the travelling person is a dream to share audio like podcast or meeting notes.


Make sure your giveaway is in line with your brand and working ethos. For instance, notebooks given by online companies may not be harmful but doesn’t allow the visitor to view your brand in its own comfort zone. A camera filter to take pictures on your devices is a cheap and useful product that allows the owner to use your branded product in and for the space your company occupies.


Consider the time of year that you are exhibiting, and mirror your giveaway with seasonal trends. For instance, during a show in November, as people are preparing for Christmas, gifts that can be passed on or used for the new year like a branded diary are excellent choices. 

All these concepts can take some time to consider and now is no better time than ever to do this. Not only can 15RocksLtd help you find a forward experiential plan for future events, you don’t have to spend a penny before you need to, as these concepts can be viewed approved and ready to source when we are all sure that our future events have definite dates that they will take place.

We are available to speak with you and discuss concepts and ideas and to source a great price that can be season controlled so when you are ready to order the price will not change. 

Get in touch today – we would love to work with you.

Written by Minty Creative for 15RocksLtd.

For more information, please contact: info@15rocksltd.com